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Flexible storage for any requirement

The 600 series includes a range of base cabinets that offer additional storage possibilities. These include cabinets with small tool drawers and cupboard space, as well as base cabinets with double doors and floorless cabinets for hiding rolling items you can’t lift... such as that annoying wheelie bin!

Our double door base cabinet range can help to provide a greater level of bulk storage within the garage. Available with fixed hinge doors or double sliding doors and in 900mm and 1200mm sizes, these cabinets come with adjustable shelves to ensure that your garage storage is tailored to your individual requirements.

Dura's range of floorless cabinets provide a solution for those larger items, such as sports and gardening equipment or unsightly wheelie bins that you'd like to hide away or cannot lift.

To ensure that our floorless utility cabinets are highly accessible they are supported with a shallow metal bar across the base, allowing items on wheels to easily be rolled in. Because of the size of the items that you may want to store, Dura have created 900mm and 1200mm cabinets as well as a large utility cabinet for the storage of 240 litre wheelie bins.


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