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Don’t undervalue
your space

It's so simple to clear clutter from your garage floor with our wall storage solution, StorePanel™. Clip-on hooks and accessories create a flexible way to maximise your wall space.

Store Wall

What is the Dura StorePanel™ system?

StorePanel™ is a panel system designed to organise both small and bulky items, including lawnmowers and bicycles. Our garage StorePanel™ storage system reduces trip hazards in the garage, and creates an attractive home for all of your possessions in a modern, flexible and durable environment.

Once fitted there’s no need to drill more holes into the wall!

The hooks and baskets are easily reconfigured as they grip the slatted wall without the need for fixing screws space with a 'twistlock' fitting. Each panel is waterproof and mould resistant, designed for the tough garage environment. The slatted wall panels are attractive in their own right, so many of our customers opt to cover all exposed walls in a garage to create a clean, modern looking room with the flexibility to add hooks anywhere.

Storage Wall
Create useful wall storage everywhere....
Targetted Wall
... or just targeted areas
Store Wall

A stylish wall storage system
that complements our garage furniture beautifully!

The StorePanel™ wall storage system has been specifically selected to seamlessly match the standards and style of our garage cabinet solutions. Engineered to endure even the toughest of garage environments, each hook and basket has been finished with a durable epoxy coating.

Each of the hooks prongs has a carefully applied rubber coating to prevent damage and strain on hung belongings. To ensure complete stability in the system, all StorePanel™ accessories feature individual 'twistlock' mechanisms providing a secure and safe fit to the panel.

How easy is StorePanel™ to use?

Unlike many wall storage systems, which require hooks and baskets to be permanently fixed into place, Dura's StorePanel™ system provides complete flexibility. Due to the unique design of our storage panels and 'twistlock' system, you have complete control to move items around if and when you need to.

With the wide variety of hooks and baskets available, it is extremely quick and easy to add extra storage to your garage whenever you need to. With StorePanel™, gone are the days of having impractical untidy shelves and wall screws hanging on your walls. Instead you can enjoy a stylish and flexible storage solution that's configured to your exact requirements.

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